Acoustic Factory

We are acoustic designers. What we do is based on innovation and driven by passion to do it right. We design and manufacture an exceptional range of natural and sustainable acoustic solutions because we love to improve the places where people work and live with 'green' silence. As experts in acoustics and sophisticated eco-friendly design, we are exited to work for organisations that value sustainability, design and optimised acoustics. We aim to be the best in our field and we like to give something away. Every solution leaving our workshop is packed with 'something extra'. What, we don't say, but if you start unpacking the product Acoustics factory you'll encounter an a little surprise. 

You might have noticed a 'heart' on our marketing expressions. We stand for sustainable entrepreneurship and we'd like to surround ourselves with suppliers and customers who pursue these values too. We think about every stage of our product after in order to get the smallest possible "footprint". So we get the best out of ourselves and save the planet at the same time. We put our heart in everything we do.

Green to the Core