About us

Acoustic Factory

We design acoustic products and we do this in an innovative way and with a good dose of enthousiasm an passion. We have a mission and carry out our promises. To live consciously and have a durable lifestyle is what we stand for. It’s not a marketing tool we use as an end purpose, but it simply says who we are. We try to infect everyone else with our point of view by means of marketing.

Circular Economy

The circular economy is an economic system that is designed to maximize reusability of products and raw materials and minimize Value destruction Unlike the current linear system, in which raw materials are converted into products that are destroyed after usage.

Why and How

We believe in a greener world and we are able to give a great contribution in achieving this.
If you follow the current developments on global heating - among other things the ice that melts in Greenland you can compare to a volume that fills 3000 trucks per day - then maybe you can imagine that with an increase of 140cm of the sea level, half of the Netherlands will come under water.

Green to the Core