Green Wall 1.0

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Acoustic Factory is the award winning inventor and manufacturer of the Green Walls. These natural acoustic solutions created from moss are fanatastic decorative items and offer excellent acoustic absorption. Back in 2011 our Green Wall 1.0 won the Horecava Innovation Award.

Horeca innovation award 2011

What is a Green Wall? Green Wall 1.0 is built out of panels of reindeer moss attached to durable wood panel.The moss is harvested under control of the Norwegian government. Reindeer moss has naturally excellent acoustic and fire resistant properties. We have a Norwegian fire resistance certificate for it as well.

Our Green Wall 1.0 gives your space a natural and peaceful atmosphere. People love green and nature, the moss will give an eco-friendly touch to the room.

Benefits of te Green Wall:

  • Natural appearance.
  • Can be installed in any size; with or without wooden edging.
  • Excellent natural acoustic properties; Noise Reduction Coeffient 0,96.
  • Dust-repellent
  • B1 Certification (DIN4102 Flammability)
  • Lifelong warranty based on normal use (no touching, no moistening).



Greenwall 1.0 panel with reindeermoss


The Green Wall is maintenance free. After harvesting the moss is soaked in natural pigments and minerals in order to give it a permanent colour and to make it fire resistant and dust-repellent. The reindeer moss can dry out over time incase the humidity in the room is too low. This is nothing to worry about. The moss should not be moistened or sprayed with water. 



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In order to counteract the effect of poor acoustics our product absorbs sound waves. And especially the sound of speech that are between 100 Hz and 3000 Hz (see graph). In the graph you can see the absorbance value of carpet. Carpets and curtains give the room a warmer tone because they only absorb high frequencies. A warmer timbre gives a rounder sound, but does not help in addressing fatigue and illness. 

Greenwall panels have an absorption value (AW) of 0.96. 

Graph of the absorbance value of our Greenwall 1.0 panel with reindeermoss


Height x Width 600 x 600 mm
Thickness panel 50-80 mm
100% FCS B1 certification
We Love Beautiful Acoustics