GreenWall 2.0

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Our success with the award winning GreenWall (1.0) gave us the drive to create another inventive acoustic product. After months of designing, experimenting and testing in laboratories we were able to take natural acoustics to the next level. The result is - the GreenWall 2.0 -  the first natural green wall with advanced acoustic absorption. We have proven that sustainability, design and outstanding acoustic performance can go hand in hand.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

GreenWall 2.0 is the interior solution that gives every space a naturally happy feel. You can design your own solution by combining three different moss panels:

  • acoustic GreenWall 2.0 with 3D moss
  • acoustic GreenWall 2.0 with 3D moss with pincushion moss
  • acoustic GreenWall 2.0 with 3D moss with pincushion moss and branches



The moss panels (80 x 80 cm) have a MDF base with a 60mm acoustic layer of natural fibers attached. This layer serves as the acoustic absorber and is finished with real mosses.  

GreenWall 2.0  acoustic panel with moss and branches


  • Whispering nature on your wall
  • Proven absorption value of 1.0
  • Natural materials and production process. 
  • Truly ecological interior solution
  • Wide variety of configurations possible
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free 

 GreenWall 2.0 acoustic absorption layer

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