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Acoustic Factory's philosophy is to integrate silence and nature into peoples workplace. Beautifully designed acoustic absorbers with a natural look, audiably and visually transform your office. Who doesn't want to work in the woods?

The Silent Hedge is a colorful barrier with a natural look. It has the ideal hight to be positioned between desks as a devider. Along with our other Silent series products, you can create a fun and natural atmosphere in your office.


Natural silent solutions for the office


Natural fibers

Our acoustic blankets are made from natural fibers. These are 100% eco-friendly. Should an object be replaced, we will come pick it up for you, and the blankets are recycled into compost.. 

Because natural fibers have an environmentally friendly production process, they offer a good alternative to wool or acoustic melamine blankets which have a production proces far more harmful to our planet. 


We use 100% eco-friendly materials


The low-formaldehyde wood is available in different colors and customizable accessories that can be as desired pushed into the holes.



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Technics department

In order to counteract the effect of poor acoustics our product absorbs sound waves. And especially the sound of speech that are between 100 Hz and 3000 Hz (see graph). In the graph you can see the absorbance value of carpet. Carpets and curtains give the room a warmer tone because they only absorb high frequencies. A warmer timbre gives a rounder sound, but does not help in addressing fatigue and illness. 

Because we absorp those  speech frequencies, our product has the highest absorption value (AW) of 1.2. 

Graph of the absorbance value of our natural hedges


Height x Width 900 x 1400 mm
Thickness panel 150 mm
100% FCS Formaldehyde poor

 Natural silent acoustic hedge

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