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Creativity is unlimited with this particular, acoustic solution. An acoustic wall that fits into any environment thanks to a variation of materials. The matrix consists of panels of 60 cm x 60 cm containing different acoustic elements. 

Our Matrix acoustic walls are 100% eco-friendly


You can use this wall so completely compose a set of various acoustic materials. The frame of the matrix is made of FSC timber 100% and may be carried out in natural, white, or black. The upstanding rim is 5 cm high.
The available acoustic fillings are:  

  • Greenwall
  • Expanded cork
  • Sheep (Texel sheep)
  •  Grain Cork  
  • Cork 

You choose which element you want. Because Matrix is supplied in separate parts you can make your Matrix wall as small or big as you want.


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Technics department

In order to counteract the effect of poor acoustics our product absorbs sound waves. Our Cork wall panels are ideal for attenuating noise from other rooms.

The Cork panels have an absorption value (AW) at 0.42.  
Moss panels have a value of 0.96

Graph of the absorbance value of our Matrix acoustic walls with reindeermoss


Height x Width 600 x 600 mm
Thickness panel 50 mm
100% FCS B1 certification
Love to design acoustics