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Roots panels are acoustic panels with an extra dimension, a third dimension which gives a nice depth. The Roots have a size of 800 x 800 mm and fit in seamlessly, allowing us to cover any wall. 

Wooden frame of FSC wood 100%. 
  • Great acoustic performance - AW-value of 1.2.
  • Acoustic material from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Formaldehyde-poor wood.
  • Connectable from each side.

Roots acoustic panel


Plastic bottles

The Acoustics Factory stands for the sustainable use of the resources we have as a society. That's why we use recycled soda bottles as acoustic material. Soft drink bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. Hence the name PET bottle. In order to recycle PET is heated to the ground and granules. These granules are then injected into a mold under heat and high pressure to a new shape.

We use recycled pet-bottles for this product



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Technics department

In order to counteract the effect of poor acoustics our product absorbs sound waves. And especially the sound of speech that are between 100 Hz and 3000 Hz (see graph). In the graph you can see the absorbance value of carpet. Carpets and curtains give the room a warmer tone because they only absorb high frequencies. A warmer timbre gives a rounder sound, but does not help in addressing fatigue and illness. 

Because we absorp those  speech frequencies, our product has the highest absorption value (AW) of 1.2. 

Graph of the absorbance value of our Roots acoustic panels


Height x Width 800 x 800 mm
Thickness panel 50 mm
100% FCS Formaldehyde poor

 Schematical overview of our Roots acoustic panels

Hoogte x Breedte  800 x 800 mm
Dikte paneel 50 mm
100% FCS Formaldeheyd-arm
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