• swan01

    Swan Products

    The Acoustics Factory Green Walls are of course not only literally green walls. 'Wall' in this case is our reindeer moss used as the logo of Swan Products. The rest of the wall in filling with Cork Rough so is gets a robust appearance.

  • Dixonsmain


    The Dixons stores are all set in green now. Each back of each transformed store now has a Green Wall. For this purpose there are products on a table. The moswand and the new decor provide a natural and welcoming shop. Green Walls and retail seems to be well together.

  • Proactitmain

    Pro Act IT

    The beautifully restored barracks in Haarlem houses the magnificent office of Pro Act IT. The character of the barracks was preserved, but the acoustics could be better. The owner of Pro Act IT is a collector of old prints of the Ripperdastraat barracks and we used this as the basis for the acoustic wall panels.

    The prints we have photographed has a little shadow. These we have printed on white, acoustic cloth. The frames are painted black and together this is an acoustic solution with a clear link to the past and the origins of the building.

  • Allinprojects-Nobelmain

    All in projects - Nobel

    Nobel wanted a green, natural character and good acoustics. And they got it. One side we have arranged with Cork panels. The result is amazing and wonderful to watch.

  • Architectenwebmain


    Architectenweb in Amsterdam has a few interesting and acoustic walls placed by us. Here you see Acoustics Factory at it’s best.

    Archtectenweb in Amsterdam heeft een paar fraaie en akoestische wanden. Akoestiekfabriek op z'n best. - See more at: http://www.akoestiekfabriek.nl/opgelost/architectenweb/#sthash.qP50mN41.dpuf
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